Keurig Brewer – How to Get Rid of Plastic Taste

bad keurig coffee taste

A $180 coffee maker should not produce bad tasting cup of coffee, so my Keurig B70 Single Cup Coffee Brewer has been pretty disappointing. The burnt-rubber and chemical laden taste was so overwhelming that I couldn’t even finish a cup. Granted, any new coffee maker is expected to have a plastic taste for the first few cups, but it’s usually gone … Read more

Modafinil Experimentation


I recently came across some information about a nootropic drug called modafinil while reading up on the dual n-back exercise as a way to increase focus and working memory ability – two things I’ve always struggled with in my life (at least I think so). For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a … Read more

Polyphasic Sleep Experiment

I recently came upon a interesting concept that pretty much completely goes against the grain of traditional sleeping.It’s called polyphasic sleep. Basically, instead of going to bed at night, hibernating for 7-9 hours, and waking up in the morning, this way of sleeping emphasizes taking short naps (about 20 minutes each) throughout the 24 hour … Read more