Pizza is Officially a Vegetable!

Congress Loves Pizza

Congress Loves Pizza

Apparently congress just passed new rules that pizza can now be considered a part of the vegetable group, proving once again that greed trumps humanity.

“American lawmakers have ruled that the amount of tomato paste in pizza sauce means that pizzas can be counted as a vegetable.”

“Congress voted that anything containing two tablespoons of  tomato sauce can be labelled a vegetable, putting pizza into the vegetable category.”

So….since it’s a vegetable now, does that mean I have to eat 3-5 pizzas to get in my USDA recommended daily servings?

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up…it just boggles my mind :(

I most definitely agree with Jamie Oliver’s view on this about why and how this is happening:

  • The food companies of America OWNE YOU!
  • They’re more powerful than government.
  • They have better lawyers.
  • They have more money. They have deeper pockets.
  • They know that you’re too busy worrying about a million other things to worry about food.
  • They have bought, bribed, and bullied congress to get this passed. Therefore, they also OWNE congress.

Because of this, congress had COMPLETELY let everybody down and has officially made health secondary to corporate greed. How many people have you ever heard of inheriting heart complications from eating too many vegetables? Probably ZERO.

Well, that is about to change. Now that pizza is considered a vegetable, I get the feeling that vegetables’ track record in health is about to go from 100% to 10% very quickly. Incidentally, the number one killer in the US is heart disease. Apparently that holds no weight when there’s money to be made…

I’ve got much respect for Jamie Oliver after watching this. SOMEBODY needs to bring awareness to this kind of BS.

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